What You Might Have Missed

I know the pope's (search) death and his incredible life has filled the airwaves here and everywhere so I think the "Friends'" blog will focus on what you may have missed. I'll also go behind the scenes on America's No. 1 cable morning show.

First things first: Iraq has a government! Wow, could it mean that an end to our presence in Iraq is near? Quite possibly! The situation, which looked so dire a year ago — even to some six months ago — has nothing but promise today. The insurgency has been annihilated each time they try and stand their ground with Iraqi and coalition forces. And even Sunni clerics are calling for their followers to join the new Iraq and leave the rebels behind. Not only can you see Iraq tuning around, you can look hard in the papers and see King Abdullah of Jordan and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (search) giving in to government reforms and freedoms. It's hard to suppress a nation when their neighbors have rights and hope like Iraq is getting now! Syria has actually moved a great number of troops out of Lebanon, Israel is leaving Gaza and their homes intact as they head out and President Arial Sharon heads to Texas to meet with President Bush. These are trends we just were not seeing six months ago. Yet for some reason every poll done shows the president's approval rating dipping.

In sports: The steroid front has given us some interesting headlines. How about 40 minor leaguers testing positive for steroids? Wait, nothing changed about the minors 'roid policy. Why are they catching so many now? Could it be that Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig knows Congress is watching? More fallout with Mark McGwire (search): He has told the Bay Area Hall of Fame he will not be attendance for his enshrinement. He was concerned he'd be too much of a distraction. Maybe he knew he'd have to talk about the past in his acceptance speech and as we all know he does not want to talk about the past, just the future.

Barry Bonds (search) is too hurt to play but healthy enough to pick up his latest MVP award as he did before the Giants' first game. By the way, he yelled "I'll be back" over thunderous applause. I'm just not sure why they cheer him and why Jason Giambi is being lauded. Giambi never admitted he took steroids publicly and lied all last year when asked by reporters. It was his grand jury testimony that leaked out or he'd still be lying! As for Bonds, his defiance and blame-anyone-but-Barry-first has to be the wrong message to San Francisco parents like it is in the other 30 baseball cities, but I guess it's just does not matter to Giants' fans what Barry has done to reach all his records. That's sad to me but maybe not to you! Weigh in on my Web site — briankilmeade.com — and answer the poll question on Bonds and/or order my book "The Games Do Count". We also have a way for me to personalize a copy for Mother's Day, birthday, or any occasion, right on the Web site.

Behind the scenes at "FOX & Friends" we have been stretched. We now have lost three producers — not counting Paulina, who blogged you from Poland — and still are doing three hours a day. I look forward to broadening it out next week, although the speculation on the next pope will be a major topic. One big plus for our show Maria Donovan is back from maternity leave — she's already made an impact! Look for some fun stories from Julian, Juliet and Mike who all went to the Radio and TV Dinner in D.C. We are jealous, but will get some revenge when we go to the White House Correspondents Dinner on April 30.

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