What Will They Think of Next? British Retailer Selling Anti-MRSA Pajamas

File this under the category of what will they think of next: A clothing chain in Britain is capitalizing on worldwide superbug hysteria by marketing anti-MRSA pajamas to the masses.

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus fears have struck a cord both in the U.S. and with our neighbors across the pond. And now, British retailer M&S is trialing Sleep Safe pajamas at 100 of its stores, the BBC reports.

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The pajamas are lined with silver, known for its infection-fighting properties, and have been tested at a handful of hospitals. They sell for $93 (45 pounds).

While some in the medical industry welcomed the news, a representative from a British MRSA support group called the idea rubbish. "It sounds like a gimmick — it cannot be a super suit and probably doesn't make a jot of difference," said Tony Kitchen of MRSA Support, adding that he believes the real solution is having dirty hospitals clean up their acts.