What Will It Take for Bush-Bashing to Stop?

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Some of us thought that if and when the Democrats won the House and the Senate back they would cease the hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth and spewing about George W. Bush.

The thinking went that Bush had a Republican Congress all those years and he pretty much got his way, so if he weren't getting his way all the time and the Democrats were getting their way more often, things would calm down a bit.

I thought the Democrats would realize they had regained some of the levers of power and would feel more comfortable on a somewhat more even playing field. I thought some of the truly infantile Bush-hating that we saw before the last election would evaporate.

I was wrong.

The Democrats have begun to fight with each other over the issue of how much should one hate George Bush. Well the far left has weighed in with a loud "no" to any getting along at all. John Edwards says Congress should keep sending a timeline bill to Bush no matter how many times he vetoes it. And Joe Biden says he's going to shove a timeline benchmark "let's surrender now" bill down Bush's throat.

And there is Rosie and Rage Against the Machine. For Rosie, it's impeach, impeach, impeach. For Rage, it's hang him, try him, shoot him.

In the past I might have counseled this: Excessive language is the spirit of the fringe and the center will hold. But now I don't think so. Now I think the anger, incivility and sense of entitlement of the far left has crept into the thinking of even the most reasonable liberal partisans.

If you read the opinion-ocracy of the left, it's a feeding frenzy on Bush. They gorge everyday on a feast of Bush-hating, and they compete with each other for new Bush-hating dishes and delicacies.

Somebody over there ought to condemn this talk, but they won't — because it works. More people do hate Bush everyday, and as vile as reasonable partisans know that it is, it is also just too tempting to push away from the table.

So we will watch the left stuff their faces for a while longer I suspect. And they won't finish the meal till they've had a nice bowl of impeachment cobbler.

That's My Word.

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