What We Need to Remember This Memorial Day

No matter how many times I come to the White House, I still can't help being in awe of this place.

And the history of this place.

So what better place to ponder the significance of this approaching Memorial Day weekend.

When we remember our bravest.

And the folks who made our history.

In a sense, made this very place.

I hope we remember that as tough as times are now, they were tougher. A lot tougher.

I hope we remember a time when the unemployment rate was 25 percent and it was a depression, and not equate a 5 percent unemployment rate today and say it's a depression too. It isn't.

I hope we remember when companies weren't hiring for years.

And the markets weren't budging for many years.

I hope we remember a time when we weren't preoccupied by the value of our homes.

To a time when most folks didn't even have homes.

When banks in the western world weren't the story of survival, but the western world itself.

I hope we remember, this day, this weekend, when Americans worried about a despot goose-stepping over the world, and not the fate of the dollar in this world.

Times are tough. We've been through tougher.

This building behind me a testament to both the good and the bad.

And somehow we got through both.

Because I like to think our history suggests, we never doubted we could.

This Memorial Day, let us remember that.

And the folks who fought and died, for that.

Good night everyone.

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