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The Iraq Study Group has spoken and now it's my turn.

There was one really good idea in that report that jumped out at me. That was the idea that we have to say to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people: Get it together or we're out of here.

We should say to the Iraqis: This is simple. Do or die. You do or you die.

You are spending all your time killing your neighbors while we're trying to fight foreign invaders for you. You should be spending your time locating Jordanians and Saudis and Iranians and Syrians and Egyptians who have come to Iraq to be suicide bombers or IED bombers or snipers or other types of troublemakers. Instead what we have is Shia killing Sunni and Sunni killing Shia, and letting the whole darn country go straight to hell.

Whose fault is the trouble in Iraq? Bush's fault? No. It's the Iraqis' fault. They are the ones who are committing sectarian violence, not American troops. They are the ones who are using their freedom from Saddam to kill their neighbors instead of trying to get the power running, or pump the oil, or pave the streets, or fix the schools and repair the hospitals.

If the Iraqi death toll is horrendous — and no one can seriously claim it isn't — you have to ask: Who is doing this stuff. Are there terrorists in Iraq causing trouble? Sure, but not this many.

The death toll in Iraq is clearly the doing of Iraqis, and we ought to be saying to the Iraqi government: Look, your fingerprints are all over this. Shia death squads are operating in Iraqi police uniforms, driving official Iraqi vehicles — both of which we gave you — and that was not our intention when we made it possible for you to have your own democratic government.

So Baker and Hamilton got one thing absolutely certain. There is an absolute need to say to the Iraqis, Keep it up pal and you can count on one thing: We're out of here.

We can go to Kurdistan just like Charles Krauthammer suggested and protect the one group of Iraqis who have managed to live in peace and we'll just watch the rest of it go up in flames. And the Iraqis will have no one to blame but themselves.

That's My Word.

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