What to Do With Usama Bin Laden?

The president says he doesn't care how Usama bin Laden is delivered to the United States: 'dead or alive'.

Gen. Tommy Franks says that there is a plan of action if bin Laden or others of his inner circle fall into American hands, but he won't say what that plan is.

Since it doesn't matter to the president, and since the Brits say they won't turn bin Laden over to the us if we plan on executing him, I think we have a huge incentive here for American forces to kill him on sight.

Despite this incentive, my guess is that U.S. forces will cuff him, then book him. But then what?

We've already seen how Zacarias Moussaoui plans on trying to disrupt his trial in Virginia. Imagine what bin Laden would do.

Would the American power structure: the president, the secretary of defense, the generals … really have the cojones to run this guy through a tribunal?

As we have discussed, a tribunal is for the no-question-about-it guilty — people for whom an acquittal is not a possibility.

Still, the idea of a tribunal has conservatives and liberals screaming and hollering over the question of rights. It seems un-American to conduct a trial when the outcome is preordained. But, with a guy like bin Laden, how could you do anything but?

He admits his guilt. He revels in his guilt. He delights in his guilt. So, the question is not whether he was involved in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but whether the U.S. government can suck it up, walk him into a tent in the desert, run him through a trial (of sorts), find him guilty, take him outside and shoot him?

Would America be better off if an Afghan did the shooting? How are we going to do this? If we capture this guy alive, we're going to have these decisions to make. This is why it would be much better if he just happened to step outside, and we just happened to drop a bomb on him. The short cut is best in this situation.

That's My Word.

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