What Really Causes Cancer? Urban Myths Revealed

A new report seeks to disprove commonly believed cancer myths, according to a report from Australian news agency AAP.

Developed by an Australian cancer specialist, the risk assessment puts into perspective the risks of getting cancer from a wide range of things, including dental fillings, marijuana and cured meats.

It says that breast implants, deodorant and coffee are extremely unlikely to cause cancer.

But things like cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking and prolonged exposure to sunlight are proven carcinogens, said Professor Bernard Stewart from the University of NSW and South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Health, in his report, which appears in the journal Mutation Research Reviews.

Included in the risks were marijuana smoking, eating large quantities of processed meats and living near a waste dump.

Less risky were hair dye use and living near power lines, while there was inadequate evidence for a link between cancer and mobile phones, cosmetics and food additives, the report said.

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