What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: OK. There is California. Let's try this one. Mexico is the 12th largest economy and second largest trading partner with the U.S. And I don't know if you have noticed this. Grab a fire extinguisher. It's on fire. Close to 6,000 people were killed by rival drug gangs which is twice as many as in 2007. Texas is terrified that the violence is going to spill over the border.

In a minute, I will explain how the whole world is going to change if Mexico collapses. The number one place for kidnappings is Mexico City. Who do you think number two is for kidnapping? You know, I was thinking Bogota, Columbia. Maybe some place in Somalia.

Well, close. It is Phoenix, Arizona where there were almost 400 reported kidnappings last year and many more went unreported.

Excuse me? John McCain was on the campaign trail for how many months, and we never heard about this and it's happening in his backyard? No one is talking about it, because it's not in anybody's best interest, you know, except yours and mine.

I think it's in your best interest to know all of the facts and what it means to you. Texas officials are now planning for the worst-case scenario of, what do you do if Mexico just collapses?

State Senator Dan Patrick is joining me now. Hey, Dan, how are you?

SEN. DAN PATRICK (R), TEXAS STATE SENATOR: Hi, Glenn. Thank you for your passion on everything. It comes through.

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BECK: Thank you. Thank you.

PATRICK: Thank you, Glenn.

BECK: I have been, and I know you have been, too - talking about the border, not because ...


BECK: ... much to many people's chagrin here in America that I don't hate Mexicans. I don't hate people who are different than me. Almost everybody on the planet is different than me. I mean, look at me.


BECK: The problem is this is a dangerous situation. People feel disenfranchised. Mexico is on the verge of collapse. You've got massive murder problems and drug problems. What are you are guys worried about? And how are you preparing in Texas for a possible push into America from people just fleeing a drug state?

PATRICK: Well, Glenn, we had hearings a couple of weeks ago. And I asked our Homeland Security Director Steve McCraw of Texas if he feared the collapse of Mexico and did we have a plan. And he didn't deny the fact that it is a concern.

And since that subcommittee meeting we had a few weeks ago, he has been working with Gov. Perry and I'm meeting with him in a few days, as a matter of fact, to see their progress on developing a plan.

You will love this term, Glenn. The United States has a plan called "mass migration" as opposed to the collapse of Mexico. And we need a plan here in Texas because there are two scenarios, Glenn. One is a slow collapse, an economic collapse of Mexico in which hundreds of thousands would come here over a period of time.

The second is what I call a Colombian collapse of Mexico, an assassination of the president, the drug cartels taking over the country, civil war breaking out on the streets, people fleeing for their lives, not for a job.

We have to be prepared in the United States for both and Texas must be prepared.

BECK: What do you think -

PATRICK: We're already seeing violence on the border, on our side.

BECK: What are you going to do? Violence on the border - nobody even understands this. If I said, America - 20 people were beheaded last year on our border.


BECK: Would you be amazed? How about if I tell you 20 people were beheaded on our border last month? And nobody knows about it. What are you going to do for these bodies?

PATRICK: Yes, we found 1,000 bodies on the border in our last reporting year, by the way, Glenn. And what we're going to do is - what we need to do is we need the Federal Government to do their job and enforce the border, number one.

BECK: Dan, Dan -

PATRICK: We have 19 border crossings with Mexico. Number two, Texas - we should be calling out our national guard. We should be calling out Texas guard. We should be beefing up our sheriffs on the border. We should be beefing up our Department of Public Safety on the border.

BECK: It would be nice if candy bars came out of my butt, too.

PATRICK: We need to do all of those things and we need to do them now.

BECK: And I can eat all day. But they're not going to come out of my butt. So why are we talking about that? The government is not going to do it.

PATRICK: Glenn - Glenn, it will be done if we have leadership, if we have leadership here in this state and if we have leadership in the country.

BECK: Hang on -

PATRICK: And at some point, leaders will emerge, Glenn.

BECK: Oh, my god. It's a candy bar. It's not going to happen, Dan.

PATRICK: Leaders will emerge, Glenn.

BECK: You know what? I'm going to do this -

PATRICK: It will happen.

BECK: I'm going to do this - I'm going to eat chocolate for the next week, in hopes that I can make candy bars come into my pants. You keep trying to find a leader that is actually going to clean up the border. I bet I make candy bars in my shorts faster than you can find a leader.

PATRICK: And you know what, Glenn? I share your passion on these issues, and it is up to each of us. I have to lead from where I am. I'm not the president and I'm not the governor.

But I'm a state senator who has had enough of this. And I'm going to continue to push this issue by going to the border, by talking to our homeland security director, by talking to our governor and doing everything I can to push the issue.

BECK: Dan -

PATRICK: We all have to do everything we can ...

BECK: I know -

PATRICK: ... whether you're a sheriff on the border or a senator in Austin. And I'm not going to quit, Glenn. It's not an option.

BECK: Dan, look. I'm not taking it out on you.

PATRICK: I'm not going to quit talking about it.

BECK: I know, but there is - you know and I know there is something spoiled down on our border and we are part of it. Our government is part of it. I don't know what it is. You go and try to rat it out. You let me know. I'm going to be here trying to make candy bars in my pants.

PATRICK: I work on it every day, and the answer is not to do nothing. The answer is to continue to talk about it, bring forth a plan and execute that plan ...

BECK: I know.

PATRICK: ... and make America stand up and notice like you have and I have.

BECK: OK. Thanks a lot, Dan.

PATRICK: Thanks, Glenn.

BECK: We'll talk again.

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