What Got Glenn So Hot Under the Collar?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: The health care debate is sometimes very heated, but nowhere more so than talk radio. There is a talk radio host you may have heard of that many blogs around the country that said was nearly driven to madness by a caller from Massachusetts, of all places. Here he is.



RADIO BECK (on camera): You're right —

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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE CALLER: Where is your logic? What would you do? I'm asking you, what would you do to change this health care system for the better? After all, every time you people bring up cost, you don't care about the trillions of dollars to bail out the banks and all the credit card companies.

RADIO BECK: Kathy, get off my phone! Get off my phone you little pinhead! I don't care! You people don't care about the trillions! Get off my phone! I'm going to lose my mind today!


BECK: That's shameful. Here he is, talk radio host Glenn Beck.

RADIO BECK: Thank you for finally having somebody who disagrees with you, you know, on the air once in a while.

BECK: Welcome to the program. A lot of people say you've lost your mind.

RADIO BECK: You know, I have lost my mind. You know, what's the difference between me and you? You know what I mean? I've lost my mind. You're a big fat fatty. You're on TV all the time. But yes, I’ve lost my mind. You know, are you watching the news?

BECK: Yes, I am.

RADIO BECK: You watch the news every day. I mean, the whole country is melting down. People aren't even paying attention.

BECK: I understand that. And that's what you were screaming "get off my phone" about to that lady because she wasn't paying attention.

RADIO BECK: Yes. I mean — I think yelling at people and then hanging up on them is the only real way to save America at this point. I mean, the woman was an imbecile. She wasn't even paying attention.

And don't act like, you know, me yelling at somebody... "Get off my phone is, you know, crazy." It's really enough, because doing that to one person every day — it's not enough.

BECK: It's enough.

RADIO BECK: You know, you should be yelling at people at the supermarket, "Get out of the line!" You know, people are picking up a newspaper, "Hey, what's in the sports section?" What, are you crazy? Get out of my newspaper. This stuff should happen. Things are going nuts.

BECK: I mean, you're starting to sound a little nuts.

RADIO BECK: Oh, I'm starting to sound crazy.

BECK: Oh, you are, just a little bit.

RADIO BECK: What a surprise that you would say that. I knew you'd say that. The magic bean in my pocket told me you would say that. Oh, I know who you are.

BECK: OK. OK. Thank you very much.

RADIO BECK: Oh, my god. Really? Get off of my screen! Get off of my screen, you pinhead!

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