What Does a Passion for Potato Chips Say About Your Personality?

Do you prefer potato chips, cheese curls, tortilla chips or pretzels? Apparently, what you select says a lot about your personality.

Picking potato chips means you have a lot of wonderful traits, but also that you are easily irritated — especially in lines. Silly stuff, but a lot of fun! What always amazes me is that someone has actually been paid to conduct these studies!

Sandwich, Mass., on Cape Cod — which is one of the most beautiful towns you can visit — is voting on designating their town a "non-sanctuary city." Basically, that means a town that enforces the current laws. They are taking heat from people who say they are anti-immigrant, which is pretty funny considering the ultimate immigrants — the pilgrims on the Mayflower — landed a stone's throw away and many of their ancestors still live there today. The town's selectmen say that since The Boston Globe published an article in essence questioning why they would waste their time on this, they have gotten an overwhelming response in favor of their action. It was noted by many that the newspaper didn't question the same waste of time when Cambridge, Mass., designated itself a "sanctuary city." Some see a double standard.

This morning, we spoke with the man in Minnesota who is offering to mow lawns for free so he will lose weight. He is a former power lifter and said he just couldn't stick to a workout routine, but figured that if he made a commitment to neighbors he'd follow through. The Toro Lawnmower Company, which is headquartered nearby, heard about this and just gave him a new push mower to use. What a clever idea!

A garden update: I've put the cedar mulch under the tomato plants AND I bought a marigold. I'll let you know if that keeps the pests off the vegetables. Steve says the marigold will work, but will give the vegetables a funky taste. I'll let you know. So far, I'm having a bumper crop of lettuce and raspberries. Brian, meanwhile, still thinks we're nuts to prefer growing our own produce. Of course, he also thinks you milk a horse... he's been in the city for a loooong time.

We've got another informative and off-beat show for you tomorrow. Hope to see you then!

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