What Barack Obama Said About the Economy

Forget about what he had to say about his pastor.

I'm more concerned what Barack Obama had to say about the economy.

Said it was in shambles. In shambles.

I'm surprised more aren't raising a holy uproar over that diatribe.

And this guy could be president.

Shouldn't those who aspire to that office aspire to at least some of the discretion that's supposed to come from that office?

It's like when Hillary Clinton bemoaned a few weeks back a world wide economic crisis.

Pretty strong stuff... that when uttered by those who want to be the leader of the free world, can almost become self-fulfilling stuff.

I'm not saying times are rosy. But I'll tell you what...they're not in shambles.

And the whole world isn't in a crisis.

We have banks reluctant to lend and borrowers reluctant to borrow.

The situation is delicate. But saying it's in shambles is a sure-fire way to make sure it doesn't stay delicate.

I know those who want to take the White House from Republicans have to paint a bleak picture.

But they don't have to paint an explosive one.

Or say we're heading to a depression.

Or ignore an unemployment rate that in one of their heroes, Hubert Humphrey's days, would be considered full employment.

Or disregard the 95 percent of mortgages in this country that are being paid on time in favor of the 5 percent that are not.

Look, I can deal with candidates who have friends who say goofy things.

I have a much tougher time dealing with candidates who say far goofier things themselves.

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