'Werewolf Boy' 1 of 50 in World With Genetic Condition

Pruthviraj Patil has tried many things to cure himself of the hypertrichosis that ails him, but to no avail.

Hypertrichosis, a rare genetic condition also known as Werewolf Syndrome, causes 11-year-old Pruthviraj’s body to be covered with thick, matted hair, London’s Telegraph reported.

Pruthviraj, who is from the district of Sangli, near Mumbai, India, is one of 50 people in the world who suffers from the condition, according to the newspaper.

Even homeopathy, traditional Indian ayurvedic remedies and laser surgery only works temporarily: The hair grows back, Pruthviraj said.

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The boy said he rarely leaves his village because of the cruelty of strangers and he has been bullied throughout his childhood.

"Why did God do this to us?" said Pruthviraj’s mother, Anita, 32. "He looks so odd and wherever we go people throng to see him."

Plastic surgeon Vinay Saoji, who examined Pruthviraj, said the condition is very uncommon. "Hairy nevus, where a person has patches of excess hair growth, or hirsutism, is not uncommon, but hair persisting all over the body is very rare."

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