Wendy Kaufman's Firing at Snapple Still Bothers Me

Wendy Kaufman's firing at Snapple still bothers me.

I guess there really is no good way to fire someone.

And after 18 years, she's had an incredible run.

It's just the way it was handled.

A Cadbury Schweppes executive asks her to pick a place for lunch.

Then barely into the main course, he drops the anvil on her head.

Couldn't the guy at least have waited for dessert at this "last supper"?

I know. Such is life.

And companies, like broadcast networks, and yes, even cable news channels, are businesses.

Businesses that have to make money.

And decide on who will help them make more money.

Apparently after nearly two decades, the powers that be at Snapple concluded they could make more money with someone else.

Just not Wendy.

So Wendy moves on.

Like so many discarded workers move on.

Hurt not so much that they're discarded.

But how quickly and efficiently it was done.

Without getting a chance to finish one last thought.

Or in Wendy's case...one last supper.

I know that's business.

But I know in my gut something else.

That stinks.

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