Wednesday, July 30: Playing by the Rules?

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President Bush said Wednesday that he doesn't know when Saddam Hussein (search) will be captured, but the deposed Iraqi dictator won't escape the U.S. forces tracking him down.

"I don't know how close we are to getting Saddam Hussein, closer than we were yesterday I guess, all I can say is we're on the hunt," Bush said in a Rose Garden press conference, his ninth solo news conference since becoming president.

We'll get reaction to the president’s presser from Ann Coulter, author of best selling book Treason, and Betsy McCaughey, former Lt. Gov. of New York.

After 17 years of hoping and grieving the parents of a little girl who vanished while playing near her Indiana home may have found their daughter. Could a young woman who turned up in Virginia really be Shannon Sherrill? We’ll get reaction from Hilary Sessions, a program specialist at Child Protection Education of America, whose 20 year old daughter went missing in 1989 after taking a walk while attending the University of Florida and who hasn’t given up hope of recovering her.

The judge presiding over Kobe Bryant's sexual assault case warned reporters that they may not get a seat in his courtroom if they publish the name or photograph of the basketball star's alleged victim. But is this ruling unconstitutional? Doug Burns, former prosecutor, and Cheryl McCally, criminal defense attorney, join the debate.

Plus, it’s a DaySide exclusive! Meet the teenager who was misidentified as Bryant's accuser.

And, should white teachers be allowed to teach black history? We’ll ask Leo Terrell, civil rights attorney, and John McWhorter, author of Losing the Race.

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