Authorities in Walker County, Ga., are hoping a new Web site will bring in fresh clues leading to the whereabouts of 911 operator Theresa Parker, who has been missing since March 21.

The site, www.findtheresaparker.com, includes pictures of the 41-year-old, who lived in LaFayette, Ga., as well as pictures of her car, which was found by authorities soon after her disappearance. Police hope that by showing photos of her 1999 Toyota 4-Runner SUV, it may jog someone’s memory if they saw it somewhere in Walker County, Ga., or the Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., area on or about March 21-24.

Theresa Parker's sister, Christina Hall, recently bumped into a man at a store who suggested her family get a Web site for the missing woman. Hall didn't know anything about it, so the man got in touch with Rick Igou, a Web site operator in Chattanooga, Tenn., who later launched the site for the family and is hosting the site on his server.

"He knew that I was interested in the case to start with," Igou of told FOXNews.com on Friday. "I have just had a strange feeling from the beginning that she’s alive and there’s more to it than what people think. So for that reason I’ve just been following it kind of close and I talk about it on my Web site a lot."

Igou said he has gotten to know Theresa Parker's very well in the past few months and think the more money that's offered, the more clues that might come in.

"The family — they really believe that she’s dead. "They really believe it," Igou said. "They more or less just want to get her body back home. …They’re just totally convinced her husband killed her. I told them ‘I still have a feeling that you’re wrong and I’m willing to help you.’"

Theresa Parker and her husband, Sam Parker, were in the midst of a divorce when she vanished. Sam Parker has been suspended from his job as a sergeant with the LaFayette Police Department during the investigation. Sam Parker was not staying at the couple’s home when Theresa disappeared, and Theresa was packing up the house and moving to a home she found to rent in Fort Oglethorpe.

Investigators say Sam Parker has been cooperative but now label him as a "person of interest." He has told local FOX affiliate WAGA that he believes his wife ran off after being caught in an affair. Authorities told FOXNews.com there was no evidence of that, and Theresa Parker's family has said they don't believe her husband's story.

"At this point I still have hope that she's alive," Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said last week, reported FOX affiliate WAGA in Atlanta. "More investigators are assigned to the case and they are working more angles than they ever have."

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The prosecutor in the case, Floyd County District Attorney Leigh Patterson, has asked local law enforcement officials to not talk about the case to the media.

Meanwhile, local news outlets reported last week that that the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the Walker County Sheriff's Department are asking property owners in Walker, Catoosa, and Chattooga counties to inspect their land, particularly any natural or man-made holes such as caves, wells and mine shafts.

Police are specifically looking for a black Nextel flip-phone, a shoulder bag and an overnight bag that belong to Parker. Clothing that may be found could include a yellow blouse, blue jeans, and a pair of leather sandals.

Parker’s family is pleading with the public for donations to the reward fund in hopes of learning information about what happened to the dispatch supervisor. As of last week, the reward was around $8,000. The Web site says any money not used for reward money will go toward a charity benefiting battered and abused women.

Parker is white with short brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. She’s about 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs 125 pounds. She has been missing since the evening of March 21, when she left her sister's home. Parker’s SUV was found at her home the morning of March 22.

Police encourage anyone with any information about Parker’s whereabouts to call a 24-hour tip line at (706) 639-2255.