Web Site Barred From Peddling Paris Hilton's Personal Items

A federal judge on Friday barred a Web site from peddling Paris Hilton's racy photos, videos, diary entries and other personal items.

U.S. District Judge George King said he will issue a preliminary injunction prohibiting ParisExposed.com from displaying any of the items until a lawsuit Hilton brought against the site is resolved.

ParisExposed.com had promised subscribers glimpses of Hilton's personal records and claimed to have video footage of the hotel heiress in a "sexy bubble bath" and shots of the 25-year-old in "racy situations."

The judge had effectively shut down the Web site earlier this month when he issued a temporary order barring it from showing Hilton's medical records, Social Security number, phone number or other personal information.

The site's creator, identified as Bardia Persa, could not be located for comment Friday. Persa does not have a Los Angeles telephone listing, and court records do not list any attorney representing Persa.

Hilton sued the Web site last month, accusing it of exploiting her private personal belongings for commercial gain.

She claimed that Persa had paid $10 million to buy personal items that were publicly auctioned after she failed to pay a storage bill.