We Remember Those That Keep Their Word, and Those Who Do Not

"I'll call you." I think it is among the most common, and broken promises made, period. Not only in business. In life.

When I was in Florida recently, I hooked up with an old friend of mine...a notorious bachelor...but not for lack of trying...who told me it's the line he hears the most from women. Even women friends.

They say they'll call, they never do. "I hate hearing those words," he says. I tell him maybe he just scares them. He says, "Then just say that! Don't leave me dangling!" I'm sure more than a few women could tell me the same thing about men.

In business, you hear it all the time — someone who says he'll get right back, but never does. Who promises to do lunch, but won't do the simple phone call to follow up on setting lunch.

I guess it's human nature. We put off in words what we cannot do in actions. That's why we're so impressed when someone does call back, or does follow up on that lunch. I think the best contractors are those who return phone calls and simply show up when they say they're going to show up.

It's called keeping your word. We remember those who do, and we remember those who do not.

It is human nature to be polite and promise the world. It is something more to promise anything and politely deliver it.

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