We Pick Mates Who Look Like Our Parents, Study Says

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Women, take a look at your husbands. Do they look like your fathers? Men, take a look at your wives. Do they resemble your mothers?

A study from the University of Pecs in Hungary said men marry women who look like their mothers, while women are attracted to men who look similar to their fathers, health24.com in South Africa reported Thursday.

Tamas Bereczkei from the University of Pecs created a model of facial ratios, which had 14 different zones. He tested the models on more than 300 Hungarian adults from 52 families, each family including a couple, along with two sets of parents.

Bereczki found an association in the facial similarities between the woman’s mate and her father, and between the male’s mate and his mother.

However, men and women tend to focus on different parts of the face when they’re checking out a potential lover. For example, the study found that men gravitated towards women who had the same kind of lips as his mother’s.

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