We Have a Long Summer Before Fall Midterm Elections

Anybody who didn't think John McCain was a hero before last Friday certainly must think so now.

Friday McCain sat through commencement at The New School in New York City, where former Sen. Bob Kerrey is the head of the university.

The students protested McCain because he doesn't represent their values. A few weeks ago we had one of the students on this program, and she said the students were going to protest McCain because graduation was their time to celebrate and they wouldn't be able to celebrate if a politician who supported the war was present.

So the catcalls came, and some students turned their backs.

Get this: They turned their backs and booed a senator who was a prisoner of war, a survivor of the Hanoi Hilton.

Monday at Boston College students protested Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

And on the cover of TIME magazine this week the Dixie Chicks, who once caused an uproar by saying they were ashamed George Bush is from their home state, Texas, then apologized, now say they're sorry for the apology. George Bush doesn't deserve our respect one of them said.

What's going on is the volcanic-like emergence of the angry left. Perhaps the furious left is more like it.

These are the people who are so certain they are right, so certain Bush is wrong they feel they can say anything about him. They also think they can trash any politician who has — even for a moment — sided with Bush. So Joe Lieberman is on the target list. And Hillary Clinton is, too.

The only politician they think is pure enough for them is — drum roll please — Al Gore.

Gore fits the bill for a lot of reasons for the angry left. First, they think he should have been president the last six years anyway. Second, he's never agreed with Bush about anything except the sky is blue and sometimes not even then if you look at his movie about global warming.

As for McCain and Rice: They both survived the ordeal nicely, thank you. It might be McCain's Sista Soulja moment, in fact. That's because the protestors looked so bad McCain could call them morons and still look good.

We're facing a long, hot summer leading up to those midterm elections in the fall. Buckle your seat belt. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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