Waving the White Flag on Iraq

This week the House of Representatives will take up the debate over the fate of our troops in Iraq. As predicted, Democrats are rushing to undermine our troops and embolden our enemies.

Freshman Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak from Pennysylvania has proposed a bill that would withdraw American troops from Iraq by year's end. What is it about Pennsylvania congressman that makes them compelled to undermine the war effort? It must be something in the water.

But the white flag isn't only flying over the House of Representatives, it is also being paraded around by the Democratic candidates for president like former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack who also trumpets a withdrawal from Iraq. And he's even supposed to be a moderate!

This Democratic Party has come a long way in the last 65 years when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said the following in his 1942 State of the Union Address:

"Our own objectives are clear; the objective of smashing the militarism imposed by warlords upon their enslaved peoples the objective of liberating the subjugated nations — the objective of establishing and securing freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear everywhere in the world.

"We shall not stop short of these objectives — nor shall we be satisfied merely to gain them and then call it a day. I know that I speak for the American people — and I have good reason to believe that I speak also for all the other peoples who fight with us — when I say that this time we are determined not only to win the war, but also to maintain the security of the peace that will follow."

Do those sound like the words of a president who would cut and run?

Democrats would do well to keep that in mind.

That is the state of America this week.

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