Was the FBI Told About a 9/11 Plot Back in 2000?

That's what I'm asking on Monday's "DaySide." A report appeared in the Wall Street Journal that Niaz Khan told the FBI back in 2000 that he had learned hijacking techniques from an Al Qaeda affiiliate in Pakistan.

Apparently Mr. Khan has the business cards of the 2 FBI agents he met with back then. Federal records reportedly show thatHe passed 2 polygraph tests.

In the spring of 2000 he says his trainers gave him $3000, sent him to the US and told him to await further orders to hijack and blow up a plane.

If true, this story has serious implications for our intelligence community.


Thursday, June 3: Attention, ‘Sopranos’ Fans!

This coming Sunday, life as we know it will come to a screeching halt while we all plunk ourselves in front of the TV to watch the season finale of "The Sopranos". In preparation, Vince Curatola, aka "Johnny Sack", will be with me live in the “DaySide” studio Friday.

Full disclosure: I am a “Sopranos” fan. I know it's a violent show. I'd never let my daughter watch it. That said, I think it's beautifully written.

So, anyway -- I have my own theory about what's going to happen in the final episode. I think Tony will come close to whacking Christopher (because of Adriana gabbing to the Feds). I think Johnny Sack, or one of his henchmen will go after Tony B., since Tony (Soprano) just told them to go... em... fly a kite... and refused to turn over his cousin to them.

What's your theory? Send it to me by e-mail at dayside@foxnews.com and we'll see if we can get Vince/Johnny to give up some clues.



Wednesday, June 2: Big Show

We're packing so much into Thursday's show that it's practically bursting at the seams. So, if you feel inspired, send an e-mail to dayside@foxnews.com  about any of the following items I'm planning on covering:

"Curb Your Enthusiasm": This sleeper hit show seems to have sprung a man from jail. He was accused of a murder and told cops he was at a ballgame. Only he couldn't prove it. Until he remembered that he had seen a camera crew from this show filming in the stadium during that game. So the guy's attorney scrounges around for a tape of the show... and then... (I'll tell you the rest tomorrow.)

"JAG": Karri Turner, one of the stars of this hit show, has recently returned from visiting soldiers in Iraq. She has some cool stories to tell -- she'll tell them to “DaySide.”

Pat Boone: Yes, that Pat Boone. He wants to boycott CBS because of what he calls its slanted coverage of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. He'll be with me live.

Tony Hendra: What? You don't know who Tony is? Then you must not have seen "Spinal Tap". This guy used to be one of the wild men of Britain, part of the Monty Python gang, etc. Totally screwed up life. Except for a Benedictine monk named Father Joe -- it's a breathtaking story, and Tony will be in the studio.

Neil Cavuto! My pal Neil will be signing books for everyone in the “DaySide” studio audience. His book is about when life throws the worst crap at you -- how to survive and thrive. Neil has been battling cancer and MS -- but he'll tell you that when he first was diagnosed, he was bitter and angry. What a story.

Make sure you watch!


Tuesday, June 1: The Peterson Tria l

On Wednesday we're expecting to hear from the Petersons' housekeeper. Other witnesses will follow in rapid succession.

I did a quick informal poll of the studio audience today and found that about a third of people in the studio are unsure about whether Scott is guilty of killing his wife and son. So here's what I'd like to know from those of you in the "don't know" column: What part of the evidence, timeline, etc.? Send me an e-mail to dayside@foxnews.com and I'll put as many as possible on the air.

Also: Fantasia Barrino is scheduled to be live in the studio with me... she's even going to sing! So “American Idol” fans, send along any questions/comments you have for her.