Was it Worth it?

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

No, not my movie picks, but rich people who make dumb moves.

I'm talking about three rich people, in particular: Martha Stewart, Dennis Kozlowski, and the late Al Capone.

Bear with me here — I have a point.

They all did dumb things, maybe even illegal things. But that might not matter. The stupidity of all of them does.

First, take former Tyco boss Dennis Kozlowski. Authorities nabbed him for dodging a million bucks in taxes on some fancy paintings. This from a man worth in excess of half a billion bucks. It seems ridiculous that a guy worth that much would dither over relative chump change. But there you have it.

Now to Martha. Everyone's fussing to see if the $230,000 or so she made off her ImClone stock was some ill-gotten gain. I'm just surprised. She's worth hundreds of millions. Inside info or no, Martha, was it worth it?

And finally to Al, the late mob kingpin. He was brought down not for his many hits, but his one dodge — a minor count of tax evasion — and it landed him in jail.

Why do people with so much "chance" so much on things so stupid?

I don't know.

The image-conscious Martha must have known legal or not, the ImClone stock sale wouldn't "look good." But she sold anyway.

The one-time near billionaire Kozlowski must have known dithering over taxes on small potatoes artwork was risky. But risk he did.

And the former mob boss Capone must have known that with so many bodies literally in his closet, the last thing you'd want to do is draw attention to some silly tax issue. But draw attention he did.

Smart people. Dumb moves.

Who says a lot money means you have a lot of sense?

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