War Stories: Terror in Paradise

Cruising along at 150 feet aboard a Vietnam-era Huey, the island of Jolo in the Southern Philippines looks like it should be home to beach resorts and fruity drinks. But this piece of paradise sits in the heart of the “Terrorist Triangle.” And hidden in the lush tropical jungle you are more likely to find a terrorist than a golf course.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines are engaged in a pitched battle that is part of the War on Terror. Groups like Abu Sayyaf and Jemaya Islamiya have kidnapped and killed, bombed and ambushed. Their victims: innocent civilians — including Americans. Their goal? To carve out a country governed by extreme Islamic law.

The Filipinos aren’t alone in this fight for freedom. Standing with them is a small group of America’s finest. They are the Special Operators. The Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets are joined by soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines skilled in the arts of truly unconventional warfare. Psychological operations and civil affairs units reach into the communities of the southern Philippines. They call in medical missions, construction crews and veterinarians, not air strikes.

In this groundbreaking episode of “War Stories with Oliver North,” you will embed with JSOTF-P: Joint Special Operations Task Force - Philippines. By air, land and sea, you will ride shotgun for a never-before-seen look inside the remarkable and complex world of Special Ops.

Staff for this episode:

Executive Producer: Pamela Browne

Produced and Written by: Gregory M. Johnson and Martin Hinton

Senior Producer: Martin Hinton

Editor: Anthony Ciancio

Associate Producer: Greg Ebben

Animation: Yong Kim