War Against Terror Not Over Yet

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The Democrats are trying to exploit what they call the disaster George W. Bush has created for America in Iraq.

It's true that it's a disaster for the Americans who are getting killed there and for their families, but I think it's also important to remember what is going on still — a war on terror as terror makes war on us.

Saddam Hussein is still driving a cab in Baghdad, evidently slipping through checkpoints, firing up his Fedayeen (search) and welcoming in the Al Qaedas who are blowing up the U.N. and getting ready for more suicide truck bombs.

Usama bin Laden (search) is sitting in Pakistan — or maybe even Saudi Arabia — plotting new attacks.

The point is that the people who launched a war against us are still at it, and the whole idea that we are making them even angrier by invading Iraq is absurd.

They have been in a death rage for a very long time, long before any president considered invading Iraq. They're going to be pressing their war forever, unless we get to them first.

This war has a cohesive strategy on the other side. They have formulated a war doctrine that includes a moral rationale for killing non-combatants — women and children.

I suspect President Bush is going to remind Americans that the war is still on, that we are still subject to attack and that we have an obligation to defend ourselves.

The terrorists still want us dead. All of us. See for yourself... read what they say and decide for yourself if you believe them.

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