Want to Live Longer? Try These Top Tips

It’s well known that regular exercise – around 30 minutes a day – can help prevent obesity, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

But there are many small and simple steps you can take to add to your longevity.

ELLIE WHITE offers 30 top tips:

1. HAVE SEX: It lowers cholesterol, boosts blood circulation and releases feel-good endorphin hormones. And do it in the morning – your blood-sugar levels are low then, so the body converts fat stores into energy.

2. HAVE A LAUGH: Scientists say laughing for 15 minutes a day could add eight years to your life.

3. EAT TOMATOES: A daily portion can slash your risk of heart disease by 30 percent.

4. READ UPSIDE DOWN: Challenging the brain extends the cells’ lifespan thus increasing life expectancy, researchers say.

5. GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS: Root vegetables are packed with goodness. Beetroot can help reduce the chance of a stroke and lower cholesterol, carrots are good for healthy vision, while parsnips reduce the risk of spina bifida and other birth defects.

6. GIVE BLOOD: Male blood donors are 17 times less likely to have a heart attack. Scientists claim it gets rid of excess iron, an oxidant linked to heart disease.

7. KNOW YOUR FAMILY: Being close to your mother halves your risk of high blood pressure, alcoholism and heart disease, experts say at Harvard Medical school.

8. LISTEN TO THE CLASSICS: Beethoven calms the heart, lowers blood pressure and lessens muscle tension, say researchers at Oxford University.

9. EVERYBODY SALSA: All dancing is good but with salsa you’ll burn at least 420 calories an hour.

10. GET MARRIED: A 20-year study found that married men typically live three years longer.

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