Virtual Violence Turns Real When Online Gamer Kills Rival

The virtual violence of an online video game turned all too real in Russia when a 22-year-old university student allegedly beat to death his Internet rival, Russia Today reported.

The suspect charged in the killing is a member of the Coo-Clock Clan, a group of mostly student gamers who were engaged in a fierce Lineage II battle with the Planatanium team.

According to Russia Today, the Planatanium team "killed" a Coo-clock warrior in late December, a score that ratcheted up the gaming rivalry to such an intensity that the online enemies agreed to meet face-to face.

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The confrontation in the city of Ufa turned tragic when the suspect beat a member of the Planatanium team member so severely, the 33-year-old victim died from his injuries.

According to the report, the suspect has shown no remorse for the killing, and the Coo-clock team continues to harass and threaten the victim's family.