Virginia Student Gets Saturday Detention After Calling Official's Home

A Virginia high school senior who created an online storm when he called a school official's home to complain that snow hadn't closed schools will serve a Saturday detention.

Devraj "Dave" Kori, 17, called the home of Fairfax County, Va., school administrator Dean Tistadt last week after about three inches of snow had fallen. He made the call from his cell phone on a lunch break at Lake Braddock Secondary School. Fairfax County schools prohibit cell phone use during the school day.

Kori left his name and number. The administrator's wife, Candy Tistadt, called Kori back and left a message of her own on his voicemail, protesting the call to her home. "Get over it, kid, and go to school!" she said.

Kori posted her taped message on a Facebook page. It also was posted on YouTube, creating major Internet buzz, intense news media coverage and debate about privacy.

The YouTube posting received 20,000 hits by Wednesday afternoon, when Kori said he asked a friend who had originally posted the message there to take it down. Kori told The Washington Post he regrets the trouble he caused the Tistadts.

"I'm sorry that this led to such embarrassment and harassment for them," he said.

Kori did not immediately respond to an e-mail from The Associated Press through his Facebook account.

Fairfax County schools spokesman Paul Regainer's office was not accepting phone messages late Friday.

There was no answer at two Virginia numbers listed for a Dean Tistadt.