Viewers Debate the Mysterious Death of Anna Nicole Smith's Son

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I have posted below an e-mail update about baby Peter from Catherine Herridge. Incidentally, yesterday I stopped by the office that Catherine shares with Steve Centanni and she said Steve will be back at work soon. After his kidnapping and release he took a couple weeks off… but will be back soon.

By the time you read this e-mail we'll be on the road. I am leaving the house at 7 a.m. — yes, long days but they are fun and never "heavy lifting," like fire fighting or working in an ICU, etc.!

Tonight, "On the Record" airs from Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin — that's a change up, isn't it? And next week? The show airs from New York City all week. We have a big surprise for you next week (final arrangements are being worked out this afternoon by my senior producer and I don't want to jinx it by telling you before we have the arrangements completed.)

Have you been checking out the video we have been posting on www.gretawire? If so, what do you think about us doing more of this? It solves a big problem I have: I hate it when we shoot an interview with a guest and don't use all of it on air. Putting the extra video on the blog solves the problem.

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Now for some e-mails — many of you wrote with theories as to what might have happened to Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daniel:

E-mail No. 1

This e-mail is long overdue. I wanted to let people know what it's like to be back at work and of course, how fat boy Peter is doing (that is his new nickname at our house!)
I started last Tuesday and I tried to hit the ground running. I had two big interviews the attorney general and the secretary of Homeland Security. I was really relieved that doing a live shot is a lot like riding a bike — even after 3 months I remembered how to "wing it" when necessary. My first live shot was a real tight turn around. I left the Justice Department, after interviewing the AG, at 11:45 and the first live shot was 1 p.m. ET. Both of the secretary and AG wanted to know how Peter's doing. It was really kind and terrific to see their human side.
It has been hard to leave little Peter at home after spending so much time with him, but I did expect that. He is now just a few ounces shy of 16 BIG FAT pounds! The liver is working great. There are a few bumps in the road now and then — every time he has a fever we have to act like it might be something serious, like meningitis because his immune system is low due to the anti-rejection drugs, but this is a small price to pay.
He is almost unrecognizable now. He has five teeth coming in. That may not seem like a big deal but the doctors warned us that once the liver was working the teeth would all come at the same time and they were right! Earlier this week, Peter had his three month check up in Pittsburgh. It was terrific to see the crew there again. Overall, they think he's doing well and we may not have to take him back, unless there is a problem, for another three months! WOW!
I still get e-mails and letters from folks who saw Peter's story on your show. Some have kids with a similar liver problem, so I've tried to help or offer some moral support. I think it's terrific that many people I wrote to after the surgery, to thank them for their donation to the transplant fund, have written me back! So now I have some pen pals — an unexpected benefit!
See you down the hall.

E-mail No. 2

My husband and I think these tapes are vulgar and in very bad taste and yet to watch FOX last night we had to see them over and over again. We believe you do that as you think you will gain more audience, but in many cases you drive away viewers.
Nan Bopp
Beaufort, SC

E-mail No. 3

Is their a particular reason that you spend so much time covering the occasional missing cruise passenger or are you just fascinated by the whole big boat thing? Find something relevant to talk about.
Monty Henderson
Spirit Lake, ID

E-mail No. 4

Is it not possible that Daniel Smith could have been given some prescribed medicine for someone else which is illegal and he had and allergic reaction causing death? Maybe given to him by Howard K. Stern or Anna herself thus, giving the loss of memory statement?
Have a great show!

ANSWER: At this point, anything is possible…

E-mail No. 5

I'm probably going over the top but is there any chance unbeknown to Anna Nicole Smith and her attorney that her son may have sampled some hospital drugs that may have been in her room?

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
If Anna Nicole's son flew in on a regular air carrier and not a private jet, is it possible he tried to smuggle drugs by swallowing them in a condom, etc. and the condom burst? I don't mean smuggled for sale but smuggled like an eight ball of coke for his own use as there's NO WAY of carrying dope in your carry-on. Hmmm.

E-mail No. 7

My heart just breaks for Anna Nicole. Losing her son must be unimaginable. You could tell that young man had a sweet way about him. He looked like a sensitive soul who was caught in the campy, world wind life of "Anna Nicole Smith, Inc." Trying to protect and emotionally support her, while struggling to become his own person. Between you, me and Dr. Baden, it sounds like a cocaine overdose. I hope I'm wrong. Whatever the case, may Daniel Smith rest in peace.
Very, very, sad,
Dallas, TX

E-mail No. 8

Just an FYI. Versed (midazolam) is a benzodiazepine sedative which will cause 20-30 minutes of antegrade (before the injection) amnesia. It is frequently NOT given to new mothers because they will forget seeing their new baby for the first time.
Steven Cogswell, MD

E-mail No. 9

Though it is an exercise in futility to speculate about the cause of this young man's death... answers will come when all tests are completed, I wonder why no-one has given thought to the possibility of the effects of flying as a possible contributing factor. I have no idea how long he was flying, but I do know that some people suffer adverse effects from air travel. (Dehydration, blood thickening, clot formation, etc.). I realize he was a young, seemingly healthy man, but how could he have died from any form of drug overdose while in a hospital?... Seems that someone would have seen the effects.
Just my thoughts.
S. Batik
Coxsackie, NY

E-mail No. 10

Any chance Daniel could've had sleep apnea, did NOT have his CPAP machine with him, and the lawyer friend was suppose to be "watching" him as he slept for long periods of apnea? A lot of patients with sleep apnea also have restless leg syndrome and are on anti-depressant and meds for RLS.
Janet Mann
Pekin, IL

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