Vice President Still in Good Health

Vice President Dick Cheney gave a thumbs-up after departing Friday from a semi-annual medical check-up on his high-tech pacemaker.

After a routine cardiovascular exam, Dr. Jonathan Reiner said the vice president's heart monitor "continues to function flawlessly and has not detected nor treated any arrhythmia," Cheney spokeswoman Mary Matalin said.

Cheney, 61, had the device implanted in his chest in 2001 to monitor his heartbeat and shock his heart back to a normal pace if there is any change in rhythm.

He has had four heart attacks, though none since becoming vice president.

Cheney, who has been staying in a secure, undisclosed location since Monday night, returned to his workday outside the White House on Friday, Matalin said. Despite previous ailments and seclusion from Washington, Matalin said Reiner reported that Cheney will "continue to live a vigorous lifestyle."