Valentine's Day: Make it a Ladies' Night

Yeah, yeah: Valentine’s Day is typically all about romance and the celebration of being in love. But really, it should be about spending time with the people you love. So why not make this February 14th a ladies' night? You can go out, keep it casual and stay in, or do a little bit of both. Regardless, these are all fun things to do with your fave friends without breaking the bank (or your heart)!

Go to an art show

If you come from an inquisitive group of friends, this might be the activity for you. Check your local paper to see if there are any interesting artists showing. Art shows are great because they are usually pretty laid back: It generally doesn’t cost anything to get in, so you can go, grab a glass of wine and look around. Stop and talk to the artist about his or her work — who knows, you might even be compelled to take a piece home (although that’s beyond the budget-friendly guarantees of this Valentine’s Day guide.) If anything you’ll see different art, mingle with new people and have something to talk about over dinner afterward!

Cook a meal together

Nothing says happiness like cooking with the people you love. Get a few bottles of wine, and choose a menu with enough scope and variety so everyone can pitch in. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a five-course meal, in the comfort of a home you know well, immersed in interesting conversation. You can even exchange cute gifts. No stuffy restaurants or tiny portions — you’re in the driver’s seat this V-Day, so treat yourself right and cook up some love!

Take a dance class

So what if you have two left feet! Many dance studios offer night classes, and they can be a fun(ny) way to get moving and burn some calories (clearly you’ll need a well-deserved drink after taking a stab at the merengue or the tango.) Seriously though, who knows when you’ll need to bust out some moves on the dance floor? It's good to brush up. So you and your friends aren’t exactly the next Ginger Rogers … if you’re lucky you might just get paired up with a young Fred Astaire …

See stand-up

Go ahead, laugh it up! Typically pretty inexpensive, stand-up comedy offers a line-up of hilarious folks who deliver great routines, leaving you laughing so hard your abs might be sore. If you’re an outgoing bunch, sit in the front, as many comedians will ask you questions and incorporate you into their dialogue. If not, be sure to sit toward the back and laugh as loud as you want.

Get your palms read

Remember playing Ouija as a kid, feeling nervous and excited as you waited to see how your future would spell out? As skeptical as you were, it was so much fun to giggle with friends over some dreamy destiny with your crush from home room. Still have some questions today? Whether you’re a believer or not, why not relive the suspense? And if your fortune isn’t ideal, at least you’ll have your best friends around to help you shrug it off. Remember, it's YOU who holds your own future — right in the palm of your hands!

Play a Board Game

Speaking of Ouija, why not make it a game night? Keeping it competitive (when you’re not competing for the best date) can make things particularly interesting. Raise the stakes, place some bets – you could walk away with deeper pockets! From cards to trivia to the ever-popular “would you rather,” games can keep you occupied for hours, create tons of laughs and spark good conversation.

Rent a movie

There’s always the simple choice of renting a few movies and having a good old slumber party. Curl up in your sweats, get some ice cream, and rent some classics. No matter how many times you’ve seen these movies , they never get old. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day with George Clooney?

For some great movie suggestions, click here .

Get drinks

Treating yourselves to some drinks at one of your favorite hang-outs never fails. Plus, many bars have Valentine’s Day specials, so you won’t be spending a pretty penny on pink drinks. And with this year’s “day of love” falling on a Saturday, who knows who else will be out painting the town red? You might just snag some lovin' yourself!

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