Utah Truck Driver Helps to Capture Wis. Murder Suspect

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A Utah man is being hailed as a hero for his role in capturing a Wisconsin murder suspect, Fox13now.com reported.

Justin Welch, a man accused of murdering a woman from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, escaped police custody in Arkansas earlier in the week, the site reported.

Welch hitched a ride with truck driver T.J. Lyon, from Spanish Fork, Utah. A convenience store clerk in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, informed Lyon that the man accompanying him, Welch, resembled a man whose picture was in the newspaper as an escaped murder suspect. Knowing this, Lyon allowed Welch to continue riding with him.

"He started asking me some kind of funny questions, so at that point in time I decided I was about 80 percent sure he was the guy," Lyon told Fox13now.com.

Lyon sent a text message to his sister just moments before leaving the gas station, asking her to inform their mother, a police dispatcher, about the situation, the site reported. Shortly after that, Oklahoma authorities pulled Lyon's truck over. Welch apparently attempted to grab his bag, which contained a gun, but Lyon grabbed it and threw it out the window, Fox13now.com reported. Police then took Welch back into custody.

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