Utah Inmate Attempts Escape With Toilet Paper 'Bomb'

An Iron County inmate tried to escape from a correctional facility by fashioning a fake bomb, the sheriff's office said.

Iron County Sheriff's Deputy Aaron Pallesen said 28-year-old Steven Crutcher, of Mississippi, threatened officers at the Iron County Correctional Facility with what he claimed was a bomb on Monday.

Crutcher cornered an officer in a lobby while holding what looked like a silver device with a red detonator, Pallesen said.

Deputies tackled Crutcher, who allegedly threatened to blow up himself and anything around him if he wasn't released, Pallesen said.

A bomb squad found the device was made from toilet paper rolls, headphone wires and a pencil eraser.

Crutcher, who was already charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and illegal firearms, could face additional charges.