Utah Boy, 5, Makes Full Recovery After Deer Antler Punctures Brain

A 5-year-old Utah boy who sustained a life-threatening injury after a deer antler punctured his brain has made a miracle recovery, KTXV in Salt Lake City reports.

Connor Schick was on a camping trip with his family in July when he found a set of deer antlers while fishing, the station reports.

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Connor picked up the antlers and was running back to the campsite to show off his new treasure when he tripped and fell. The antler pierced Connor's left eye and bore a hole into his brain more than two inches deep, according to the report.

Connor pulled the antler out of his eye when he reared back from the fall, and was rushed to a local hospital. Doctors initially feared that Connor—who became known as "Deer Antler Boy" during his stay at the hospital— would likely suffer brain damage and vision loss, but miraculously, the antler entered the brain at an angle that spared him his sight and avoided neurological impairment.

But the wound inside his brain had become infected, and doctors told Connor's mother that brain surgery would be required.

However, in a second miracle, an intense treatment of antibiotics cured the infection and Connor was able to avoid surgery. He has made a full recovery, according to the report.