Uranium on the Cranium: Bunch of Baloney, or Bona Fide Beef?

President Bush said Monday that intelligence about Iraq is "darn good" despite some doubts in the CIA about intelligence that suggested that Iraq had been trying to buy uranium (search) in the African nation of Niger.

"I think the intelligence I get is darn good intelligence. And the speeches I have given were backed by good intelligence," Bush said during a press conference with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. "And I am absolutely convinced today, like I was convinced when I gave the speeches, that Saddam Hussein developed a program of weapons of mass destruction and that our country made the right decision."

The intelligence on uranium sales was cited in the president's State of the Union (search) address in January, but turned out to be based on phony documents. CIA Director George Tenet last week took the blame for allowing the sentence to appear in the president's address, but said White House aides were quick to jump on the information when it was first revealed.

Uranium on the cranium: Bunch of baloney, or bona fide beef?

A sample of your responses:

Please remind everyone that the President said the British Intelligence said that Saddam was trying to buy the Uranium.  He never said Saddam had it or that any of our Intell agencies said it.
Anthony M.
Bloomingdale, NJ

Enough already! Get off the story of the State of the Union Speech. We have heard enough of this nothing story.
Fred W.
Stevens, PA

This uranium story is so much about nothing.  I can't believe Fox news is helping to advance their adgenda by giving it so much air time.  Why don't you spend more time showing the mass graves?  When these fruitcakes come on your show to whine about being misled, run the tape of the mass graves.
Terry J.

It is nothing more than politics as usual. During these critical times when we are faced with terrorism, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Liberia and the Israeli issue, I find it disgusting that certain liberals and liberal media find nothing better to do than  to try to dissect President Bush. And somewhere in this issue, a thought comes to mind. Not only are these accusations unfair to our President, but also to Blair, Asnar, Howard and the other leaders of the coalition countries who had the courage to do the right thing. Are we to believe that these other leaders and nations blindly followed our President into Iraq? Or are we to believe  they were  assured, by their own intelligence sources, that their decisions were based on solid evidence? We have far too many pressing issues to waste our time attacking President Bush for one minute portion of a speech which was not  the basis of his decision to enter that conflict.  I hope the liberals come to realize that we "common", "ordinary", "average" Americans  are too well-informed to swallow these  attempts to  ambush a President they despise for his popularity, his courage, his decisiveness and  genuine committment to protecting and preserving our way of life.
Lisa A.

We see, before 9/11, the most idiotic president in American history.  After 9/11, the media has tried to make our Commander in Chief out to be the smartest in history.  The same man that criticized our last president for spreading our troops too thin, for worsening our national deficit, for not getting Osama Bin Laden.  These same things that were promised prior to 2000 election as some of the things that would be resolved when he entered office.  Now, we are following a known ex-drunk into a tail-chasing war against "invisible men" who want to destroy America.
Ashley G.

As a recovering Democrat, I am appalled at the democrats actions.  Does Saddam have or has he ever had WMD?  Of course not.  The mobile units found by American troops?  They were just "Ice Cream" trucks for little children.  Did he have and use chemical weapons against Iran and his own people?  No, they committed "suicide".  Has he tried to get nuclear weapons?  No, what Israel destroyed back about 20 years ago was not a nuclear facility, it was an "aspirin" factory.  When Pres. Bush, the United Nations and so many nations have documents showing Saddam's arsenals of WMD, they are all liars.  As those 3 democrat congressmen who went to Baghdad and said that they believed and trusted Saddam, but not Pres. Bush, what else can be said?  Is it any wonder that in Oregon a school does not want to fly the American flag?  That the terrorist Moussaoui may even be let go free?  The judge may even give him a free "plane ticket".  The sad thing is that our American boys are put in danger and so many Americans in this country are not worth the sacrificies of our oldiers.  Dear God, I feel like Alice in Wonderland!
Herman A.

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