Update on Europe's America-Bashing

An update on the America-bashing front from Europe...

You may not have heard a lot about this because we were obsessing about the Germans, the French and the Belgians being so opposed to what America was doing in Iraq. But the Dutch and the Danes were on our side, and in various ways they are paying the price.

Here's a "for instance." In Copenhagen (search), a Danish pizza shop owner put up a sign refusing service to French or German customers. Now this was going on all over Europe in the opposite form... pizza shop owners and such refusing to serve Americans or even take American Express.

But in Denmark — part of the European Union (search), which has all sorts of anti-discrimination laws — this pizza show owner had committed a crime.

So Denmark's western high court upheld a ruling that the guy pay a $780 fine and spend eight days in jail.

A Danish pizza guy turned away Germans and French because they were anti-American, and that is a crime in Denmark.

And the pizza guy could have gotten worse. Danish police were threatening to seize his shop if the court ruling went against him. So last month, he sold it to make certain they wouldn't.

All he's left with is a Web site, where he sells Internet pizzas — whatever that is. His site still says no pizzas to Germans or French until they wholeheartedly support the U.S.

So there... even in anti-America Europe, there are a couple islands of sanity and one is a now-closed pizza shop in Denmark.

It's not much, but it's heartening nonetheless.

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