Undercover vs. On the Cover

And now the most riveting two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Retaking the Ranks

A new poll says that Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean (search) has retaken the lead in Iowa -- a key election state whose caucuses are in less than seven weeks. The Zogby International poll shows 26 percent of Democrats in Iowa say they would vote for Dean, while 22 percent say they would vote for Rep. Dick Gephardt (search). Six weeks ago Gephardt was slightly in the lead by a margin of 22 to 21 percent, and was leading by a larger margin in other polling.

Undercover vs. On the Cover

Joe Wilson (search) -- the former ambassador who claims his wife was outed as a CIA official by someone in the Bush Administration -- has said his wife -- "would rather chop off her right arm than say anything to the press and she will not allow herself to be photographed."

But he and his wife are now featured in a two-page spread in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair, which describes Wilson's wife as -- "the most famous female spy in America, ... [a] slim 40-year-old with white blond hair and a big, bright smile." Wilson, quoted in the Washington Post, insists the picture is not supposed to further identify his wife.

Stigma Attached to Al Qaeda?

At a time when presidential candidate John Kerry and other Democrats are demanding the U.S. should work more closely with the U.N. in the war on terrorism, a new report says 108 member-countries have failed to tell the U.N. what actions they have taken in the war on terrorism -- as is required by the U.N. Security Council.

Included on the list is Egypt -- a supposed ally in the U.S.-led war on terrorism... and even Afghanistan. The chairman of a U.N. monitoring committee says countries are reluctant to admit they have Al Qaeda inside their borders because there's a stigma attached to it. But U.N. officials tell the Washington Times they are hopeful of more cooperation by year's end.

Frightening Toy Talk

For anyone wondering how Palestinians feel about the United States, there's a new toy being sold on the streets of Palestinian areas in the Middle East: a figurine of Usama bin Laden (search), with a Pentagon in one hand and a set of burning towers beside him. The toy is being touted as a way of -- "celebrating the memory of 9/11, Gaza style."

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report