UK Teachers Caught on Video Humiliating Bound Student

Two teachers were suspended for binding a teen student to a chair and subjecting him to humilation and mockey at a distinguished British school in an incident captured on video., according to UK's Daily Mail.

A classmate's camera phone recorded the 16-year-old boy with hands and feet tied by electrical wire while voices believed to be those of the instructors taunted him: "Give us a shout when you are ready to start grovelling," said the report.

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UK police and social service agencies are investigating the incident, which occured at the prestigious Folkestone Academy, the Daily Mail reported.

School administrators learned of the act eight days later after viewing the footage.

John Patterson, the school's headmaster condemned the act in a letter to the boy's parents.

"Although this incident may have been intended to be good-humored, the academy sees the alleged behavior as totally inappropriate and unacceptable within a school."