This is a partial transcript from The O'Reilly Factor, November 20, 2001.

JOHN KASICH, GUEST HOST:  The events of September 11 have done a lot to bring our country together.  And there's one guy who's trying to help us, it's U-2's Bono, who I recently sat down with for just an interview for the show Heroes with John Kasich.  I hope you'll take a look.


(voice-over):  I sat down with Bono in New York, and as with so many conversations these days, we started with that day.

BONO:  September 11, I was in Europe.  I was on holidays with my little boy, Elijah.  And like a lot of people, you know, I watched it live on TV, and, you know, with disbelief and horror and concern, I suppose, for the people I know, so many who live in New York.

KASICH (on camera):  You're -- you now are approached in 80 directions by people that want you to take on their cause.  You know, you have Tributes for Heroes, you know.  I'd like to know specifically, how did you decide to do that?

BONO:  You only get a few shots every year or every few years to stray outside of the music and to connect with a punch on a certain issue.  And U-2 at the moment, it's Africa.

When September 11 happened, we got a call to be part of the grieving of America, and to contribute to that fund.  And we went to a secret location in London, and -- as others went to in New York and Los Angeles, and very proud to be part of that Tribute to Heroes.

KASICH (voice-over):  Then U-2 hit the road.

(on camera):  What are you feeling out there now since that September 11?

BONO:  Well, we put our tickets on sale after 9/11, and that's a great (UNINTELLIGIBLE), you know, it's not like we canceled this, or -- we started -- we booked the tour after September 11.  I don't know what to make of it.  We came onstage at Madison Square Garden.  I've never heard a noise as loud in my life.  And then I realized they weren't screaming for us, they were screaming at each other, and that U-2 was the smallest part of the occasion.


KASICH:  You can catch the rest of this interview with Bono on my show Heroes with John Kasich.  It's on Thanksgiving morning at 9:00.

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