U.S. Warns Americans to Beware Bulgarian Strip Clubs

The State Department is warning that more than your money and marriage are at stake if you visit strip clubs in the Bulgarian capital.

The U.S. Embassy in Sofia issued a security alert Tuesday saying the city's "gentlemen's clubs" should be avoided after two bombings and a shooting seriously injured several people at strip parlors there in August and September. The bombings have been blamed on turf wars between rival criminal gangs.

The blandly worded message avoids comment on the wisdom of visiting such clubs apart from the question of personal safety. It notes that security is generally better for tourists and business travelers in Bulgaria since the country joined the European Union.

It's not the first time the embassy has urged U.S. business travelers and tourists to stay away from Bulgarian strippers. Earlier this year, an embassy crime report noted several incidents of club patrons being roughed up after refusing to pay outrageous fees for drinks and private dances.