U.S. to Aid Czech Flood Relief

The United States is committing relief aid to the victims of massive flooding in the Czech Republic after that country suffered its worst flood in more than a century.

"Our embassy in Prague is providing $50,000 in emergency assistance to the Czech Red Cross, and the embassy has likewise established a fund for contributions to aid the victims of these floods," State Department spokesman Philip Reeker said Thursday. "We're looking for other ways we might assist. Those are just a couple of things that have begun at this point."

Earlier this week, torrential rain raised the Vltava River to more than 25 feet above its normal levels, forcing tens of thousands of residents in the Czech capital of Prague to desert their homes for higher ground.

At least 10 people died in Prague from the flooding. Flooding in Romania, Austria and Germany has taken the lives of 103 people.

No Americans were injured in the floods, Reeker said, and the embassy is functioning normally except that consular services have been diverted to emergency-only cases.

Fox News' Teri Schultz contributed to this report.