U.S. Soldier Killed in Convoy Attack in Iraq

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A U.S. soldier was killed in an attack on a convoy Friday morning and four others were wounded, the military said.

Attackers fired three rocket-propelled grenades at the support convoy on a main road northeast of Baqouba (search), 40 miles northeast of Baghdad, said Capt. Jay Miller of the 67th Armor Regiment's 3rd Battalion.

Small arms fire also hit the group. One of the wounded soldiers would have to have a leg amputated, said Capt. David Nelson from the 4th Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade (search).

The soldiers belonged to the 8th Infantry Regiment's 2nd Battalion and were traveling from the town of Muqdadiyah to 2nd Brigade headquarters in Baqouba, he said.

The soldier's death raises to number of American soldiers killed in Iraq to 282. Of those, 67 have died in combat since May 1, when President Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez (search), said casualty figures since the end of major conflict were "about what we would expect to get in this kind of conflict."