U.S. Soldier Injured in Baghdad Blast

Insurgents fired rockets from an apartment building toward a police station and hotel in central Baghdad (search) on Tuesday, triggering thunderous explosions and wounding one U.S. soldier.

The injured soldier was on the roof of the police station, where troops had set up sandbags for protection.

Police sealed off nearby Saadoun Street while a U.S. helicopter landed and evacuated one wounded person in a bloodied Army uniform. The helicopter lifted off from the square where the statue of Saddam Hussein (search) was hauled down April 9, 2003.

The rockets also damaged another building, and one landed in a parking lot.

It was unclear whether the police station was the intended target. The Baghdad Hotel (search), where foreign contractors stay, also is visible from the apartment building. The hotel has been attacked several times previously.

Associated Press Television News videotape showed police, handguns drawn, inspecting rocket tubes rigged in an apartment on the fourth floor.