U.S. Should Protect Iran From Israel?

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Hypocrisy Alert

We've heard Democrats over the past several years lecture us about why we shouldn't interfere in other nation's affairs, but for one Democrat, that principle doesn't apply to our relationship with the nation of Israel.

Former national security adviser Zbignew Brzezinski told The Daily Beast that the U.S. must prevent Israel from bombing Iran. He explained that in order to bomb Iran, "They have fly over our airspace in Iraq. If they fly over, you go and confront them. They have a choice of turning back or not."

I see, so the U.S. should threaten Israel with a military confrontation if it doesn't do what we wish? And I wonder why Brzezinski doesn't think we should use this diplomacy with some of our enemies like Iran and North Korea.

Political Pressure

President Barack Obama is sticking his nose into New York's gubernatorial race. According to several reports, the president has asked Governor David Paterson not to seek re-election out of fears he simply cannot win.

The White House denies such a message was sent to the governor, but administration officials have confirmed high-level conversations between the White House and Patterson have in fact taken place. Both The New York Times and New York Daily News are standing by their reporting saying this highly unusual request was devised by the White House's Political Affairs Office and was ultimately given the green light by the president himself.

This story is not sitting well with some New Yorkers. One simply told the Daily News that President Obama "should have kept his mouth shut."

Apparently Governor Paterson agrees with that sentiment, as he has decided to ignore this alleged request and move forward with his re-election campaign.


The Meltdown segment is brought to you by prominent meteorologist Mojib Latif. Latif is an author of the reports produced by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which liberals cite reverently to prove all sorts of theories about global warming.

Latif now predicts that we're in for a long period of steady temperatures and maybe even some global cooling. At a U.N. conference last week, he told over 1,500 scientists, "The strong warming effect that we experienced during the last decades will be interrupted. Temperatures will be more or less steady for some years and thereafter will pick up again and continue to warm."

Now that the expert has spoken, I wonder if the global warming alarmists will change their tune?

Start Your Engines

Some of the top Republican prospects for the next presidential election were in Washington this weekend for the 2009 Value Voters Summit. And even though votes won't be cast for another couple of years, some GOP heavy hitters appear to be testing those political waters.

Let's take a look at some of the highlights from this past weekend:


GOVERNOR TIM PAWLENTY, R-MINN.: If we — if I and the Republicans in Minnesota, and the conservatives can govern Minnesota and make a difference and make progress with conservative goals and values and principles in mind, as Frank Sinatra said, if you can do it there, you can do it anywhere, and we can do it across this great land.

FORMER GOVERNOR MIKE HUCKABEE, R-ARK.: There's no way under heaven that it was ever right to do wrong. And many of the people who defended TARP admitted when they were doing it, that it wasn't the way we ought to go about fixing the economy. But they were wringing their hands and they said, we don't have a choice. Yes, we do. It is never right to do wrong, never wrong to do right and it was wrong to take a bunch of money and bail out irresponsible, reckless people.

FORMER GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY, R-MASS.: When government is trying to take over health care, buy car companies, bail out banks and giving half the White House staff the title of "czar," we have every good reason to be alarmed and to speak our mind.


Sounds like the games are about to begin.

Tax Cheats Unite!

Good news for tax cheats: The AP reports that the IRS — a bureau of the Treasury Department run by Tim Geithner — has extended an amnesty program for tax cheats.

The program promises tax dodgers they won't go to jail if they come forward and disclose all the assets they've hidden overseas. The extension means that those that didn't get around to making that disclosure are getting another chance.

Hey tax cheats, Tim Geithner is looking out for you.

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