U.N. Nuke Agency Says Iran is Enriching Uranium at High Levels

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Iran's continued defiance of a Security Council demand that it stop uranium enrichment and its attempts to obstruct probes of suspect nuclear activities will be outlined in a new International Atomic Energy Agency report, U.N. officials said Tuesday.

One of the officials said that the report, to be circulated internally to the agency's 35 board member nations later Tuesday or Wednesday, also would reveal further details of laboratory testing of enriched uranium samples.

Much of the IAEA probe has focused on Iran's enrichment program — while Iran says it wants only to enrich to low levels to generate power, some of the samples found by IAEA inspectors show levels higher than that. That could indicate attempts to reach nuclear weapons-grade enrichment, something Tehran denies.

The diplomats, who demanded anonymity in exchange for discussing the confidential contents of the report with The Associated Press, declined to give further details. The report will be debated when the board meets next week, first in committee to discuss IAEA technical aid programs to Iran and other countries, and then in full session.