U.K. Woman Bitten By Dog After Winning Lottery

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An 18-year-old lottery winner screamed so loudly when she won more than $12 million that her shocked dog sank his teeth into her rear end, she said.

"At first I thought I had matched three numbers, so I couldn't believe it when I realized I had the five main numbers plus one Lucky Star," Ianthe Fullagar of Cumbria, England, said of her win.

"My mum called the National Lottery Line and it was only then that I realized I had won a share of the jackpot," Fullagar said. "We were both screaming so loudly that my dog, Brock, didn't know what was happening and bit me on the bottom."

She had only played the EuroMillions once before, but decided to try again because the jackpot was more than $180 million.

Fullagar, who is currently taking a year off from school before pursuing her law degree in 2009, is now busy making plans for her future.

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