U.K. Police Bust Alleged Drug and Sex Extortion Plot Involving Royal

U.K. authorities have arrested two suspects for a allegedly blackmailing a member of the British royal family, according to a published report.

A 30-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman were taken into custody and will appear before magistrates on one count of blackmail each, according to a Scotland Yard statement quoted in a Sunday Times of London report.

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An unnamed royal allegedly received a series of calls from suspected blackmailers claiming to have videos of the person engaging in oral sex and of a royal aide snorting cocaine, according to the article.

The suspects also claimed to have evidence that the royal supplied the aide with cocaine in an envelope emblazoned with a royal seal, said the Times story.

The plotters allegedly demanded 50,000 pounds from the royal family to keep the videos and material from going public.

This would mark the first time a royal has been a victim of blackmail scheme in 100 years.