U.K. Doctors Set to Perform Groundbreaking Transplant Surgeries

A team of British doctors are behind a groundbreaking transplantation center – where they plan to perform the U.K.’s first hand transplant and Europe’s first voice box transplant, the Daily Telegraph reported.

On top of that, Professor Peter Butler, head of surgery at the Royal Free Hospital in London, has already gotten permission to carry out the world’s first full face transplant, according to the report.

Butler has been working towards carrying out a face transplant for the last 16 years, the Telegraph reported, and has already seen dozens of potential candidates.

Doctors hope that a face transplant will be carried out within the next year, and that this will be followed by a hand transplant.

Worldwide there have been 30 hand transplant operations carried out, and recently the first double arm transplant was performed in Germany, according to the report.

You may remember in 2005, French doctors performed the world's first partial face transplant on a 38-year-old woman, who had her nose, cheeks, mouth, lips and chin replaced by donor tissue after they were torn off by her dog.

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