U.K. Couple Welcomes Twins - One Black, One White

Experts say the chances of having twins with different skin colors is about one in a million – but it has happened again for the second time in Europe, in four months.

This time, a couple from Bristol, England, welcomed a son Orlando, who inherited his mother’s Jamaican coloring, and a daughter Natalia, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, like her father, the Daily Mirror reported.

Parents Tracey-Ann and Andrew Balasco told the newspaper the twins created quite a stir at the hospital when they were born three months ago.

“When Orlando came out, he was very dark and had loads of dark hair,” Andrew Balasco said. “Then Natalia appeared (and) she was so fair you could hardly see her eyelashes.”

This news comes one week after a couple in Germany announced the arrival of their twin boys, one black and one white, who are also the off-spring of a mixed-raced couple.

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