Two Sisters Place Madeleine McCann Suspect at Kidnapping Scene

Two British sisters vacationing in Portugal at the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance claim to have seen Robert Murat, a main suspect in the case, outside the McCann's resort apartment shortly after the girl's mother reported her missing, London's Daily Mail reported Sunday.

Including the sisters' account, eight witnesses have now placed Murat at the scene of the kidnapping, further contradicting Murat's alibi that he was home with his mother at the time.

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The sisters, Annie Wiltshire and Jayne Jensen, did not come forward with their story to local authorities while in Portugal, but contacted British police after returning home from their vacation, the Daily Mail reported. They have now contacted the private detective agency the McCanns have hired to find Madeleine.

Murat, 34, has denied any involvement in the case.