Two monorail trains clipped each other on a curve in the tracks Saturday evening in the heart of Seattle. No injuries were immediately reported.

Seattle firefighters were helping passengers off the elevated train near Westlake Center.

The one-mile monorail system — which has only the two trains — was built for the Seattle World's Fair in 1962 and has been popular with tourists, drawing as many as 23,000 riders a day.

The line was shut down for more than six months last year, after a smoky fire stranded about 100 riders. No one was seriously hurt.

A years-long fight to expand the system met with a sound rejection this month.

Voters had approved a 14-mile system in 2002, but opposition grew after the estimated price more than quadrupled to $11.4 billion.

On Nov. 8 voters junked the project entirely, rejecting a 10.6-mile, $4.9 billion alternative monorail proponents had offered.